Java with Jim

Grab a cup of coffee and get filled in on the latest campus news and events. Come fill up on a warm cup of coffee and the latest news and events from Blackwell. This morning gathering is designed specifically for parents to hear directly from Mr. Eaton about what’s happening here at Elizabeth Blackwell. Mr. Eaton will also be available to field questions about our school, the district, and the state of education in Washington.

It’s also a great time to meet other parents and hear from the PTSA. We will be meeting 9:05 - 9:40 a.m. in library every fourth Monday of the month:

Month Information Presented Questions & Answers
September 25

Mr. Eaton discussed what's currently happening in classrooms. The focus right now is getting to know the students and some light assessing. Another topic discussed was the success of our Fun Run, which has brought in about $65K, not including matching funds!

Why is Blackwell so highly ranked?

Answer: Most all sites that do school rankings are private entities that pull test scores available through OSPI. We feel it's due to great teachers and a very involved community. The culture of our school also focuses on soft skills, i.e. how to be inclusive, talk things out, etc.

What Community Service opportunities are available for students?

Answer: Several drives throughout the year...Sister Schools in November, Food Drive in February to help with Pantry Packs, Candy collection after Halloween to send to the troops.

Are students taught safety in case of a school shooting?

Answer: Yes, we follow and teach the ALICE protocol.

Why are children not allowed on campus prior to 8:45?

Answer: We don't have staffing to supervise children before then. Students with parents on the playground attract other students who don't have a parent and this can also cause more supervisory problems.

Are there any plans to add or drop classrooms after the school year has begun?

Answer: No, we do not have any plans to do that. If a class needed to be added or dropped, that would happen in the first day or two of school. It's a rarity.

October 23

November 22

December - no meeting
January 22

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June - no meeting