Java with Jim

Warmup your cup of coffee and hear the latest news and events from Blackwell.  This morning gathering is designed specifically for parents to hear directly from Mr. Eaton about what's happening here at Elizabeth Blackwell.  Mr. Eaton will also be available to field questions about our school, remote learning, the district, and the state of education in Washington.

It's also a great time to virtually meet other parents and hear from the PTSA.  We will be meeting quarterly at 9:30 A.M.  Our fist Java with Jim will be on Wednesday, Sept. 30th.  Join the meeting via Teams...links will be published in our weekly newsletter.

Month Information Presented Questions & Answers


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Q) What are the safety features at Blackwell?

A) We have a multi-layer approach.  Access to our building is only through a buzz in system at the front office.  All visitors must sign in and wear an identifying badge.  We have several security cameras set up outside the building.  Finally, we intentionally teach our students what to do in case of an intruder.  We have a kid-friendly curriculum with a main focus of teaching students to listen and follow directions given by the adult they are with.  ALICE is a program used district-wide that provides choices in response given individual situations.

Q) Is there anything Blackwell needs from parents in the coming months?

A) Nothing tangible.  It's helpful to all if parents keep kids at home when they are sick to prevent spread during cold/flu season.  We have  a generous community that supports our PTSA and provides many classroom/school volunteers.  Due to the ongoing labor shortage, substitutes for all positions are in high demand!

Q) How does the evaluation process for Highly Capable programs work and who is best to speak with about them?

A) It's best to refer to the HC website and reach out to that department directly.  We use Fastbridge as an initial assessment/evaluation tool and based on results, parents will be invited to apply if their student has qualified to move on in the process.  Parents can also self-select into evaluations.  Blackwell hosts two of the three HC programs that are offered.

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Question regarding the SpED teacher transition.

A:  The district hires all Special Ed teachers centrally.  LWSD is transitioning away from Learning Centers, so some of those staffers will be displaced and moved into other schools.  The district is also in the process of hiring more SpED teachers into a pool.  We do not know yet who we will have, but hope to know before the end of the year.  Mr. Eaton will let our community know about staffing updates.

Question regarding the new inclusion process and how it will affect Blackwell.

A: We will be getting a few students who are transitioning out of the Learning Center.  We don’t anticipate this to be a huge change for Blackwell. We are prepared and will welcome these new Bobcats and families.  

Q: Do we have enough space?

A:  Yes, we will have the resources available for any needs we have.