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Grab a cup of coffee and get filled in on the latest campus news and events. Come fill up on a warm cup of coffee and the latest news and events from Blackwell. This morning gathering is designed specifically for parents to hear directly from Mr. Eaton about what’s happening here at Elizabeth Blackwell. Mr. Eaton will also be available to field questions about our school, the district, and the state of education in Washington.

It’s also a great time to meet other parents and hear from the PTSA. We will be meeting 9:25 - 10:00 a.m. in library four times during the year:  Oct 1, Dec 3, Mar 3 and June 3.  Hope to see you there!

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October 1

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Question: Can parents attend assemblies?

Answer: Of course!  Parents and visitors are always welcome to visit us during assemblies.  We try to publish when they are scheduled.  our Veteran's Day presentation is one of our most popular!

Question:  Is the LWSD Volunteer Application all that is needed to be a PTSA volunteer? 

Answer: That approval is the first step, then be sure to go to the PTSA website (click here) to find opportunities.  The PTSA newsletter will also advertise when volunteers are needed for specific programs or events.

Question:  Is there a PTSA committee that deals with Quest issues?

Answer: PTSA has long been aware of differences between Quest and General Ed and are looking at ways to facilitate inclusion.  Mr. Eaton also shared that we are currently mixing up students during their specialists times to foster more social interactions.  Both the General Ed and Quest programs are different by design.  Our challenge is to not have differences be perceived as a negative, rather as an opportunity to look for ways to bring all our students together.

Question: What if my teacher doesn't provide enough opportunities for parents to be in the classroom?

Answer:  All our teachers make their own decisions about how best to utilize their parent volunteers.  It is up to the individual teacher about if and how they choose to use volunteers.  Typical needs in classrooms are art, reading fluency and production work.  Primary teachers tend to use more parent volunteers than secondary grade levels.  It was suggested that parents can also seek to volunteer during library class as a way to be part of their child's classroom, too.

Question: Is the PTSA doing any parent ed nights this year?

Answer: Yes, the first one will be Nov. 7th, a showing of the movie, "Screenagers".  This event is sponsored along with the McAuliffe PTSA and will include Counselors from both schools to answer questions.

Question: Are there classroom photographers?

Answer:  Our Yearbook Committee often sends volunteers around to capture special or fun events in classrooms.  Our teachers also take a lot of photos to share what's going on in class.  Check with your child's teacher if this is something you'd like to do.  We need to be aware of the district's privacy rules when publishing student images.


december 1 Please click here to see Mr. Eaton's presentation.

Question:  Is there any update on changes to the School Bell times for next year?

Answer: None yet that we know of.  We will possibly know more by March, but assume the same schedule for next year unless told otherwise.  The quickest way to find out the official information, is to utilize the Let's Talk link on the district website.


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