Student Expectations

Cooperative, respectful, safe student behavior helps every Blackwell student become the best that they can be. Blackwell teachers and staff teach students how to be good citizens and positive learners based on the Blackwell Behavior Plan.

Three smiling students

Blackwell Behavior Plan

At Blackwell, we treat all people with respect by:

1. Obeying directions and responding politely to adults

2. Working without disturbing others

3. Using appropriate language and/or gestures

4. Wearing appropriate school clothing

At Blackwell, we are responsible about school work by:

1. Arriving on time for school and classes

2. Bringing necessary materials and supplies to school

3. Returning from recess promptly prepared for the next class period

4. Completing and turning in all work on time

At Blackwell, we behave in a safe manner by:

1. Never hitting, kicking or hurting other people

2. Resolving conflicts in a safe and fair manner

3. Staying on school grounds at all times

4. Always walking in the buildings and on sidewalks (without pushing, kicking...)

5. Never bringing weapons like knives to school (not even play guns)

At Blackwell, we take care of property by:

1. Being respectful of property that belongs to others

2. Taking care of and returning library and textbook materials

3. Keeping school grounds clean and litter free

4. Returning lost items to the lost and found

At Blackwell, we do not bully or harass others:

1.We stand up for others if they are being bullied or harassed

2.We “talk, walk, and tell” someone in authority if someone is being bullied or harassed

3.We treat others as we would like to be treated

At Blackwell, we use technology appropriately.

1. Do not send hateful, harassing, obscene, or discriminatory messages

2. Do not change or copy files/data of others without their permission

3. Treat anything created by others (information, graphics, music, sounds, projects,

etc.) as their private property

4. Respect copyrights

5. Use the network in a way that does not disrupt its use for others

6. Use the network for educational purposes

Discipline Policy Procedures:

Most school discipline happens in the classroom.When a teacher feels that a student’s behavior is serious enough to warrant intervention by the Principal, then the following process will be followed:

The principal will seek to understand what behavior has led to the student being referred to the office.Next, the principal will listen to the student and may conduct a brief investigation to thoroughly understand the situation.Based on the facts, the principal will determine if it is a minor infraction or if it is a more serious behavior that will result in progressive disciplinary procedures.

Behaviors that are inappropriate, but minor in nature could include not following game rules, classroom disruptions or rough play.Possible consequences for minor infractions could include a verbal reminder, time out or loss of privileges.

School discipline is progressive.This means that prior student behavior will be taken into consideration when determining consequences for behaviors depending on the severity and/or repeat nature of the actions.

It is our goal that natural consequences be used to help children learn to take responsibility for their behavior and understand the results of their behavior. For example, if a student writes on building walls, he/she would be asked to clean the walls. Or a student who throws rocks or bark chips from a play area might be asked to pick-up or sweep it up.

Major School Discipline Consequences and Procedures:

Behaviors that cause physical or emotional harm to others, damage school property, or disrupt the education process can result in disciplinary actions such as; suspension or revocation of privileges.

The principal will call parents when there is a severe behavior issue. If a student is suspended from school then there will be a Reentry Meeting scheduled between the principal, parents and the student before the student is allowed to return to school.

You will find details about LWSD Student Rights and Responsibilities on the District webpage.