Curriculum & Instruction

What will students learn at Blackwell Elementary School?

First, elementary teachers follow the curriculums adopted by the Lake Washington School District. Each curriculum, from math to English to social studies to art to science is adopted based on Washington State Learning Standards. Then a representative group of Lake Washington teachers study the state standards and create Power Standards so that every teacher knows what the absolutely most important, critical learning outcomes should be.

Learning standards are continually evolving as the nation, state and school district work toward defining what we want students to learn. For example, Washington State is currently in the process of updating the state standards based on national Common Core State Standards. These national standards have been adopted by forty eight states as schools continue to improve learning standards, curriculums and assessments.

So Blackwell teachers and staff use these national, state and district curriculum resources to create classroom curriculums and assessments based on the learning needs of their students. Our goal is to help EVERY student. That means struggling students, students who are meeting grade level standards, and students who need additional academic challenges. We are working together to help every student become the best they are capable of becoming.

Every Wednesday, students get out of school at 2 pm, instead of the normal 3:30 pm dismissal to allow teachers to work together to meet the needs of our students; planning curriculum, reviewing student assessments, and strategizing.

The web sites linked on the right, under "Curriculum - Helpful Links" will provide additional information for parents who would like to learn more about the national, state and district standards that are the foundation of Blackwell Elementary.

  • Common Core Standards The knowledge and skills in English Language Arts and Mathematics that students will need when they graduate, whatever their choice of college or career.
  • LWSD Framework The Teaching and Learning Framework defines curriculum as the work and learning of students.
  • LWSD Power Standards Power Standards help teachers focus and prioritize what is most important for students to know and be able to do in the time available for teaching and learning.
  • LWSD Teaching & Curriculum Curriculum, standards and assessment shape the learning experience for students in our district.
  • Quest Program LWSD offers Quest for highly capable students K-12.
  • Washington State Standards Essential Academic Learning Requirements and Grade Level Expecations