Hello, my name is Mr. Moore and I am your Music teacher!

We will have class twice per week for thirty minutes.

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Concerts: All grades 1st through 5th will have a yearly concert for their friends and families during the evening each schoolyear. Kinders will not have a full concert but will instead sing at their "Graduation" day. As student's will spend a great amount of time practicing for this, I ask that you make it a top priority to bring and support your child.

Grading: Students are given a grade based on a 4 point rubric based on effort shown in Music. I do not grade based on talent but rather both growth and participation. In music a 3 means that you are at standard and is a great place to be. To get a 4 I look for things like compassion, helping others out in the classroom or being a leader. A lack of participation may result in a score lower than a 3.

Choir: Blackwell is honored to have a great choir every year. It is a non auditioned group made of 4th and 5th graders who need more music in their lives. It meets once weekly at a lunch recess for thirty minutes. We have several additional performances each year including assemblies as well as community outreach. The choir season is from mid September until February. Please talk to your child about joining today!

David Moore

K-5 Music Specialist Blackwell Elem.