Physical Education

A collection of sports equipment and the words: %22Physical Education, every child is a winner when they try their very best%22

Mr. Haessly and Mr. Larson are Blackwell's P.E. teachers. Students attend P.E. twice each week.








Fitness Testing: All 3rd - 5th graders will participate in Fitness Testing 3 times a school year (Fall, Winter, Spring). Fitness testing does not count toward PE grades, rather we use it as a goal setting tool. Students will participate in the PACER (cardio-respiratory endurance), curl-ups (muscular strength) and plank hold (muscular endurance).

Grading: Students are given a grade based on a 4 point rubric based on effort shown in PE. While we do teach sports specific skills and games in PE, students are not graded on their ability, rather their effort and attitude while in PE. Most students will receive a score of 3, which is at standard; students receiving higher than a 3 will show positive leadership and go above and beyond. 

Schedule: Please click HERE for weekly PE schedule.