Reading Programs

The Launch program is for kindergarten students and uses parent trained volunteers and Para-professionals to assist kindergartners in learning their letters, sounds, and other pre-academic skills.

Read Naturally is designed for students in grades 1-4 and helps children develop fluency in reading and increase comprehension. This program is run by trained parent volunteers and is also utilized by the special education department.

Safety Net serves students who qualify for remediation instruction in varying ways. Services focus on reading instruction, but other subjects may also be served (example – writing, math, and study skills). Students in this program work on decoding, fluency, and comprehension strategies in the area of reading. In broad written language, students increase grammar, handwriting, and other writing skills. In the area of study skills, students can attend a before school program for assistance with in-class work.

Safety Net - We Both Read Books
Shared Reading for Adult and Child

Here’s What to Do:

On Monday, look for the Zip bag to come home. You will have it for a week. Enjoy the pictures and discuss what the story will be about.

On Tuesday, sit next to your child, with you on the left. The adults read the left side of the page, the child reads the right. Stop and predict what will happen next.

On Wednesday, read! Have your child retell the story telling first, next, then, last.

On Thursday, read! Have your child tell who, what, where, when, why, and how.

On Friday, read your favorite part!

On Saturday, read fast!

On Sunday, pack everything up in the Zip bag. Be sure to include the book, parent letter, comprehension companion, and student name card. Put it in your backback to bring back to school.