Safety Patrol

2023 Safety Patrol photoBackwell safety patrol and their equipment

You are a representative of this school; at all times you must be courteous to adults and students alike.Remember you have an important job to do.The safety of every student at school depends on you paying attention to whatever your job calls for.Please be on time, responsible and alert.

The Safety Patrol Day starts at 8:30 and ends at 3:45. On Mondays we will have job sign-up starting at 8:30 sharp. The squad lieutenant will take attendance. The parent will provide transportation to and from school during the patrol shift. Carpools are strongly encouraged.

In the past, students attending band or orchestra have been able to ride the bus from their morning session and make it in time.

Each squad will work a two-week shift on a rotating basis throughout the school year. There are three squads of 4th and 5th graders.

Students are responsible to arrange for a substitute in the event they cannot be at school, this includes field trips.

A substitute schedule and phone numbers will be provided to make finding a replacement easier.

New jobs will be assigned or hopefully chosen each week.

An email will be sent out to each squad at the beginning of their shift.

Throughout the year, other vital information may be sent via email, so you will need to provide a current email address if there are any changes.

Applications will be available in April for students interested in a position for next year. See Mrs. Pegeen Nelson, our Safety Patrol advisor, if you have any questions