Civility Code

Practicing civil behavior helps create a positive and successful learning environment.

Blackwell Civility Code

At Blackwell, we want to make sure that our parent and community volunteers are working with Blackwell staff in the best interest for all of our students.For this reason, we have worked closely with our PTSA, staff and community to create the Blackwell Civility Code to define how we will work together.

Adults recognize the important role they have in the eyes of Blackwell students to model these key tenants of civility – thereby championing the kind of responsible, considerate, and positive behavior we hope to instill in children.

As an adult member of the Blackwell community, I strive to create an atmosphere of respect as I:

Share Responsibility for Blackwell

  • I take ownership for the school’s success by helping Blackwell to be a safe place to learn, work, and volunteer by acting as a considerate team member while adhering to the school’s policies and procedures

Honor the Professional

  • I demonstrate trust and confidence in the professional expertise of all staff members and acknowledge the various parenting styles within our community, believing everyone operates with the best intentions.

Collaborate with One Another

  • I will share ownership of problems by not shifting responsibility or blame, but rather by working collaboratively to resolve issues through respectful interactions and appropriate behavior.

Use Positive Communication

  • I respect the dignity, diversity, and well-being of all adults and students by putting into practice Blackwell’s Top Ten.

Blackwell’s Top Ten

  1. Listen
  2. Think first, act second
  3. Be respectful through tone of voice, choice of words and body language
  4. Direct questions to the source
  5. Communicate honestly with care and tact
  6. Refrain from idle gossip or complaints
  7. Maintain confidentiality
  8. Respect even a subtle “no”
  9. Be inclusive
  10. Thank others and acknowledge contributions