Dress Code

1. Shorts may be worn to school which meet the following criteria:

a) either straight hemmed or cuff hemmed

b) should be no shorter than approximately mid-thigh

2. Tank tops with spaghetti straps, halter tops, tube tops, and cut off shirts or other attire which exposes the midriff are not approved.

3. Articles of clothing with designs displaying or advertising drugs, alcoholic beverages/insignias, sexuality, or disturbing images are not permitted to be worn.

4. No fluorescent hair spray. No face adornments or face paint.

5. No hoods or masks that cover the face can be worn at any time.

6. No flip-flops are allowed at school due to safety requirements. All sandals shall have a heal strap. All shoe laces must be tied.

7. Shoes with built in wheels are not permitted.

Elizabeth Blackwell's Dress Code applies to all school events. As with any policy, it is hard to detail all aspects. Please remember, the Elizabeth Blackwell staff may sometimes have to use their discretion regarding dress.