School Grounds Clean-Up

Information for volunteer groups that want to conduct a school clean-up work party!

These projects can be done safely, productively, and in a way that our Grounds Dept. can continue to maintain under these conditions:

  • The work party is discussed in advance with the principal
  • Scope of work is limited to raking and cleaning up fallen leaves, branches and trash, removing weeds, and trimming overgrown shrubs
  • No work is done within wetlands or rain gardens
  • There is an adult supervisor on hand at all times, either a LWSD staff member or approved parent volunteer
  • All volunteers complete Hold Harmless Agreements
  • All volunteers use appropriate safety tools (gloves, goggles, etc.)
  • All work is done with hand tools
  • All debris is put into bags or containers and either removed from the site on the day of the event or prior arrangements are made with the custodian for its disposal
  • Volunteers are strictly prohibited from using any types of fertilizers or herbicides (no ‘Round-Up’!)

If the goals of the work party include items other than those listed above, the project representative must contact the Facilities Dept. for approval (complete a Community Project Proposal form, include ALL relevant information, and submit it at least two weeks before the desired work party date). Items that would require prior approval include:

  • Using power equipment (pressure washer, edger/trimmer, chipper, Bobcat, etc.)
  • Adding plants or materials (mulch or bark, infield mix, shrubs, etc.)
  • Making any changes to playgrounds (equipment or play chips)
  • Any type of new construction (raised bed, pathway, fencing)

If you have any questions, please contact the Facilities office at 425-882-5100 or Community Projects coordinator Sheri Sanders at 425-882-8174.

Contact: Sheri Sanders,