School Safety

Keeping students, families, and staff safe is Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary School’s top priority. We do this by following the Lake Washington School District’s layered safety approach.

What is layered school safety?

A layered safety approach recognizes that no single barrier or intervention is sufficient by itself to maintain a safe campus. Rather, using multiple layers acts like a filter to be able to identify, resolve and mitigate threats.

Learn more about layered school safety.

Click on the link below to learn more about the specific steps that LWSD has taken in each of these layers or download the Layered School Safety handbook. Our hope is that by better understanding what resources are available, our staff, students and visitors will better be able to use or access these resources when needed.

School Safety - Lake Washington School District (


What does safety look like at Elizabeth Blackwell?

·         Monthly School Safety Committee meetings that include administration, staff, and a partnership with PTSA E-Prep chairs.

·         A School Safety Liaison who collaborates with district Risk Management on safety protocols/procedures to keep staff updated on continuous improvement and applicable safety training.

·         Regular emergency drill practice for staff and students helps ensure that best practices are followed automatically in an actual emergency.

·         Classroom safety which includes door locks and lockdown shades, emergency kits, food and water supply, and staff that are trained in a variety of ways and methods to keep students safe.

·         Having a continued partnership with our local police agencies. This allows LWSD to be more intentional around the support provided by, and relationship with, law enforcement, allowing trained law enforcement to support every school as needed. 

How can families help keep Elizabeth Blackwell safe?

·         Make sure your student’s emergency contact information is current and local. If you have more than one student, please make sure they all have updated emergency contact information.

o   Please do not have emergency contacts that do not live close to the school or in a different state/country.

·         Stay updated on current school and district communications. Lake Washington School District uses the ParentSquare platform to simplify school communications and provide options for families for how they want to receive information (email, text and/or app notifications). In the event of an emergency, mass notifications and urgent alerts with two-way communication will be sent through this communication tool.

o   See information below, or click on ParentSquare - Lake Washington School District ( for more information.

·         Most importantly, in case of an emergency event, please remain patient and with positive intent as we navigate the situation while keeping the safety and needs of students first.

 Elizabeth Blackwell's Emergency Release Plan

If an emergency requires the school to evacuate students or to close early, there are several pieces of information you should know that would assist in the dismissal of students. You are asked to review this information and to share it with any person you have authorized to pick up your child in the event of an emergency.

Please review the Emergency Release Plan here:  Blackwell's Emergency Release Plan 

LWSD Emergency Operating Schedule
Snow, windstorms and earthquakes can wreak havoc with schools and families. During these difficult times, the Lake Washington School District will do all it can to communicate vital information to parents and students. Our top priority is the safety of students. Be sure to keep this information handy to help you understand the brief notifications you will hear over radio and television.

Late Start and Limited Bus Service
Blackwell will start two hours late and bus routes will be limited. Dismissals will be at regular times unless otherwise announced. When necessary, early dismissal times are announced before noon.

The following programs are canceled: Quest pull-out classes, all pre-school sessions, morning kindergarten, before school band and out-of-district transportation.

The transportation department has created a link to the Versa Trans system for snow route bus stop information. If we are on snow routes and parents have lost their postcard with their emergency route stop they can go to the Transportation page of the district website.

Schools Closed
When school closes the following programs are also closed-- Extended Day program, all activities including athletic events and parent meetings. (If conditions change during the day, special arrangements may be made for some activities.)


In case of a major earthquake while students are on a school bus, drivers will receive specific instructions from the district via radio. If they are going to school, drivers will continue to pick up students on their routes and deliver them to the safety of their school. If roads limit travel, students will be transported to the nearest school. If a quake hits when buses are transporting children home from school, drivers will return to the school they came from or, if necessary, to the closest school. Children will stay at school until parents or designees arrive.

Emergency Links

Transportation page on district website
Find your snow route bus route!