Student Placement

One of the most important responsibilities of the school staff is to assign students to classes for the next year. The goal of the student placement policy is to design balanced classes, according to established criteria, which create the optimal learning environment for all Blackwell Elementary School students. Each classroom is a small community that must be representative of the diverse social, academic, and physical needs and abilities of all students.

Student Placement Criteria:

1.      Maintain an equal distribution of academically high, average, and low students.

2.      Maintain an equal distribution of students that have a positive influence on other students.

3.      Maintain a balance of dependent and independent workers.

4.      Maintain an equal balance of boys and girls.

5.      Accommodate special academic and social needs  

Student Placement Process Timeline:



Mid March

Elementary Student Return Verification forms available online

End of March

Elementary Student Return Verification forms due

April – mid-May 

Parent Input form available on website

May – late August

Principal receives initial and updated enrollment projections from the district

Teacher/Staff input gathered for placement

Final placement completed by principal

Late August 

Blackwell Back to Business Day

Individual student placement available to parents

Meet and Greet Day

September 5

Grades 1-5 First Day of School

September 5-7

Kindergarten Family Connection Meetings

September 8 

Kindergarten First Day of School